m'nerd sailf.
m'nerd sailf.
i'm a korean weeaboo with a fucked up sleep schedule. i'm also an aspiring fighting game player. i used to drum on the side but now i am unable to since i live in an apartment. ): pretty much every picture i post is from pixiv; think of this shitty blog as a storage of my interests.

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barakamon bes show

i was unable to retrieve ueda kana’s sign… man. well at least it’s not as bad as missing Koshimizu’s sign 8) ……. ;-;

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ゲスの極み乙女。 - ユレルカレル

AX soon™. think this will be better than last year since my group’s got a huge ass room. oh man can’t wait to play some offline casuals with my newly built fightstick, but bringing my setup along with my luggage is going to be a pain in the ass. going to try and break my record and get all the autographs this year and speak with the guests of honor in japanese.

wow i didn’t think black bullet would start turning to shit. man

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みきとP - 朱色の砂浜 ver.柊 優花 || something i found while catching up on backlog. that drumbeat though.

really want to play osu right now but my eyes are still burning from last night’s session… AR 9 soon™

evo has Xrd and (i think) P4U2 playable courtesy of arcsys… but most importantly… kana ueda’s going to be there instead of at AX. much sadness.

new stick template (b ‘-‘)b all thanks to a friend of mine (i don’t think he uses this tumblr shit anymore).

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